A Clinical Oncology Program for the Brooklyn Community

Message from the
Principal Investigator

"Through the Brooklyn M-B CCOP we don't just treat cancer we care for people with cancer and the clinical trials we offer will help in developing treatment and therapies for those diagnosed with cancer in the future. Yesterday's clinical trials are today's treatment and therapies."
– Dr. William Solomon

Welcome to Brooklyn's option
to cancer clinical trials.

The Brooklyn Minority-Based Community Clinical Oncology Program (M-B CCOP) is funded by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to bring-state-of-the-art clinical trials in cancer prevention, control, and treatment to the diverse community of Brooklyn. We work closely with major research groups and cancer centers around the country. All are supported by the National Institutes of Health to develop high quality, well-designed clinical studies. Some of our clinical partners include Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology (Alliance), MD Anderson Cancer Center CCOP Research Base, Wake Forest University Research Base and University of Rochester Cancer Center Research Base as well as clinical trials from the Cancer Trials Support Unit. Our trials are not supported by any pharmaceutical companies.

Our Cancer
Clinical Trials

These cancer clinical trials are conducted at The University Hospital of Brooklyn, Kings County Hospital Center, The Maimonides Cancer Center and Coney Island Hospital Center which are all conveniently located in Brooklyn.

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